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High Insulated Plastic Bulk Container type 460 20159


Product description

Type 460 High Insulated Plastic Bulk Container is becoming increasingly popular among quality food producers, especially in the fishing industry.

The reason for this is its 150 mm lesser height than the 660 version, which reduces pressure on the content next to the bottom, resulting in better quality and increased value of the content. Both types are accessible by a hand pallet jack from two sides and by a fork lift truck from all four sides and can be rotated 180° by forklift truck or lifting tipper and lifted with strops. Types 460 and 660 are stackable on the top of each other either with lid or without it.

Type 460 High Insulated Plastic Bulk Container is designed for the food industry, including the fishing industry. It is used for fishing boats, caterers, food service, grocery whole sale, food processing, fish processing industrial applications, logistic applications, cheese production, pet food production and transport and high capacity food storage. It is suitable for transport storage and food distribution such as fish, pharmaceutics, dairy products, grocery, ice cream, dry and slush ice, perishables, fruits, pickling and salted fish.

Size and measurements

Volume (litres) External
Lenght (mm)
Width (mm)
Height (mm)
Weight (kg)
430 1220 1030 580 41

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