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Price Inquiry

How to send an price inquiry

In our online catalogue you can add products to the inquiry list by pressing the „Add to list" button. After you have entered all the products you are interested in then please click on the "Price Inquiry" button at the top of the page.
In the Price Inquiry form you can enter the quantity of each product you are interested in, as well as filling in your contact details. Please fill in all the required information and press "Send".

Important notice

When you send us an price inquiry we will reply not only with the product price but also with the transportation cost to your destination. Therefore it is important that you fill in the destination details and indicate whether you would like us to ship only to the nearest harbour or if you would like us to arrange truck transport to your door. Most of our products are bulky and to save on transport cost it is highly recommended to order whole transport containers, as loose freight can be very expensive. You can find out here how many products fit into different types of transport containers

A reply to your inquiry will be sent as soon as possible to the e-mail address provided. Inquires requiring transhipment may take a little longer.