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Borgarplast Company Profile

Founded in 1971 Borgarplast has always operated in the manufacturing industry, mainly involving products made from synthetics, polyethylene and polystyrene. Borgarplast defines itself as a pioneering manufacturer of containers and packages for the food industry, especially for the transportation of fresh food.

Borgarplast’s production lines consists of products made from Polystyrene (EPS) and Polyethylene (PE) for use in the food and construction industries.

Borgarplast began exporting its products in 1986 and the main export items are insulated pallet containers of various types. Borgarplast exports insulated pallet containers to all continents in world and has done so from the outset of our export business. Borgarplast’s factories are very well equipped with a high production capacity and we are able to produce PE and PUR insulated bulk containers.

Borgarplast has over 70% market share in insulated pallet containers in Iceland, something we pride our self in as the Icelandic fishery industry is very demanding – as it is internationally recognized as exporter of high quality fish products.

Over the years the company has earned awards for many aspects of its operations including technological innovation, environmental awareness and employee facilities and safety.