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Borgarplast - Container maintenance

Maintenance of Borgarplast containers

Proper care and regular maintenance make your containers last longer – even for decades. The first rule of container maintenance is to stop using a container immediately if its walls are damaged so there is a risk of liquid impregnating the insulation. If that happens, the container must be placed at a dry place until the insulation is completely dry. The weight of the containers is known so the process of drying the insulation can be monitored by weighing the container.

Easy to clean

It is very easy to clean the Borgarplast containers because of the curved corners and the special qualities of the polyethylene walls make the surface completely flat.

Low rate of maintenance

According to our customers’ experience, the rate of maintenance of our containers is low compared to the products of our competitors. A Danish firm that rents containers and has tried out most types of containers, has stated that the rate of maintenance is 80/20 in favor of Borgarplast (20%). A big user of containers in Iceland has announced a rate of 70/30%.

Easy repair

The Borgarplast containers are specially designed to withstand punches from forklifts. It is very important to repair the containers immediately if they are damaged. They can easily be repaired with a few types of hand tools and plastic extrusion welding equipment using superheated air (ca 250 °C) and polyethylene welding fiber rod (HDPE), but under no circumstances, an open fire can be used (e.g. using gas heaters).