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A brief overview of our history

The history of Borgarplast reaches back over half a century, but our history goes back to 1965 when Plastgerð Suðurnesja was founded, which later merged with Borgarplast hf.

1965: Plastgerð Suðurnesja established. EPS insulation was the first production product of the company.

1969: Plastgerð Suðurnesja begins producing EPS fish boxes for transportation of fresh fish.

1971:  Borgarplast hf. Established.

1983: Borgarplast hf. rotomoulding operations established by Guðni Þórðarson. The beginning of Icelanders pioneering work on insulated bulk containers.

1986: Borgarplast begins exporting its insulated bulk containers productions to Denmark.

1989: Product development: The second rotomoulding company in the world to insulate bulk containers/fish tubs with PE. It makes the tubs recyclable, increases strength and capacity.

1992: Skúli Magnússon acquires Plastgerð Suðurnesja and revives the company´s EPS fish box production.

1993: Borgarplast receives ÍST EN ISO 9001 certification, first of all, Icelandic industrial companies and the second rotomoulding company in the world to do so. Market share in Iceland for insulated tubs reaches 20%.

1996: Plastgerð Suðurnesja moves its factory to a new and bigger factory house. New shareholders enter into the business along with current shareholders.

1998: Borgarplast export business now goes to 40 countries on all continents of the world.

1999: Borgarplast rotomolding production receives ÍST EN ISO 14001 certification, the first locally owned industrial company to do so in Iceland. The company reaches a 60% market share in insulated tubs in Iceland.

2000: Borgarplast is the recipient of a special environmental award from the Ministry of Environmental affairs and an award for pioneering work in the field of accidental prevention in the Icelandic fishing industry.

2002: The first company in the world to use recycled methane instead of oil as fuel for its production line. The domestic market share in insulated bulk containers goes over 80%.

2007: Investment and increased capacity in Borgarplast EPS factory.

2008: Borgarplast rotomoulding division and EPS division moved to the same location in Mosfellsbær, Iceland.

2010: Borgarplast gets permission to CE certify four product categories for the construction industry. Those products are septic tanks, oil- and grease separators, and EPS insulation.

2018: Plastgerð Suðurnesja og Borgarplast hf. Acquired by Umbreyting, private equity fund, and Borgarplast management team. The two companies merged under the name of Borgarplast hf.

2019: EPS production of Borgarplast and Plastgerð Suðurnesja combined in a larger and renovated factory house in Reykjanesbær, Iceland. The new house is in total 4.700 square meters.