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Borgarplast - Logistics

When ordering from Borgarplast one must bear in mind the transportation cost from Iceland to the destination country. When ordering more than one type of product it is sometimes possible to make better use of the transportation container space, like smaller Plastic Bulk Containers can fit inside bigger models. If needed more detailed description of quantity and mixing of products in the containers can be provided.

How long does delivery take?

1. If the product is in stock, the delivery (FOB Reykjavik) takes within 14 days
after the buyer has confirmed the order and fulfilled the agreed terms.
Standard stock colours are beige for high-insulated tubs and blue for
heavy-duty tubs and pallets.
2. If the product is not in stock and must be manufactured, delivery time
depends on both the quantity involved and the project status at Borgarplast’s
plant at the time.

In what kind of containers are the products transported?

Products are generally transported in fully loaded dry sea containers; occasionally, when small quantities are involved, they are shipped as loose freight although this is much more expensive. The containers used are 20′ DC (dry container), 40′ DC and 40′ HC (high cube). The latter two are the most common transportation modes.
When there are direct voyages from Reykjavik to scheduled ports of call for Icelandic shipping companies, 20′ and 40′ OT (open top) containers are often used. They are often substantially overloaded. If the combined height of the container and truck is above 4,20m the container cannot be transported via the road systems of the countries involved and must be emptied in the relevant shipping company’s operations area.

At what ports do Icelandic shipping lines call?

a. Europe
Icelandic shipping lines sail weekly (departing from Iceland on Thursdays) to the following ports in Europe:
• Thorshavn and Kollafjordur (Faroe Islands)
• Immingham (UK)
• Rotterdam (Netherlands)
• Cuxhaven and Hamburg (Germany)
• Aarhus (Denmark)
• Varberg and Helsingborg (Sweden)
• Fredrikstad (Norway)
Cargo vessels from Reykjavik also operate non-scheduled sailings to
• Greenland (all ports)

b. America
Icelandic shipping lines also maintain regular services (every two weeks) from Reykjavik to North America. The ports of call are:
• Argentia (Newfoundland, Canada)
• Halifax (Nova Scotia, Canada)
• Boston (Massachusetts, U.S.A)
• Richmond (Virginia, U.S.A)

c. Other continents
Transshipment to other parts in Europe, W-America, Asia, Australia and South America (as well as outlying European ports) is generally handled in Rotterdam, Hamburg and Bremerhaven.

What about freight forwarding from the ports of call?
a. Europe
Overland road and rail transportation is available from the ports listed both within and between these countries and to other places in Europe. Transhipment to freight vessels or barges is also handled at these ports.

b. America
Overland transportation is arranged within the USA (Ricmond and Boston) and Canada (from Halifax and Argentia), as well as freighting by sea to ports in the USA and Central and South America.

c. Other continents
Transhipment to Asia, Australia and South America (as well as outlying European ports) is generally handled in Rotterdam, Hamburg and Bremerhaven.

Can you deliver door to door (pier to pier)?

Pier to pier service is provided in Europe (including all of Russia and the former states of the Soviet Union) and North America but not in other continents.

What assistance can Borgarplast and shipping companies provide buyers at ships’ ports of call or in connection with importation?

Thanks to its large volume of shipping both to and from Iceland, Borgarplast has managed to negotiate favourable agreements with Icelandic shipping lines on transportation from Reykjavik to their scheduled ports of call.
For freight forwarding from ports of call, customers can find the most economical option for themselves if they prefer, or ask Borgarplast to assist them. Buyers are informed of all available offers. On request, shipping lines will handle any paperwork at the port of call, such as customs clearance, THC (terminal handling costs), documentation, etc., for a modest fee, with or without Borgarplast’s involvement. Borgarplast can also assist in procuring bids for door-to-door delivery from its plant direct to the customer.

How many insulated pallet containers can fit in a transportation container?

This depends on the sizes and configuration of the pallet containers.
Number of insulated pallet containers with lids that can fit into different types of transport containers:


SIZE 20′ DC 20′ OT 40′ DC 40′ HC 40′ OT
300 60 x 126 168 200
350 54 x 117 117 147
400 40 58 84 100 122
450 56 x 110-112* 112 126-136*
460 40 58 84 100 122
600 40 56 82-84* 97-100* 119
660 39 54 82-84* 97-100* 119
700 30 46 63 84 96
1000 18 34 40 47 73
1010 24 37 48 56 78
1400 12 18 24 36 41
* The higher number shows the maximum amount of plastic bulk containers but with limited amount of lids.

What is the content weight of containers carrying Borgarplast products?

In a 20’DC container the content weight is often 2000 – 2700 kg. In a 40’DC container it is about 4400 – 5400 kg and in a 40’HC container 5000 – 6000 kg.

How many pallets can fit in a transportation container?

This depends on the sizes and configuration of the pallets.
Number of plastic pallets that can fit into different types of transport containers:

Type Version 20 ft. DC 40 ft. DC 40 ft. HC
Euro pallet plain top face 260 550 650
external rims 250 500 550
internal rims 230 460 520
Industrial pallet plain top face 235 470 527
external rims 210 427 470
internal rims 200 400 440
Box pallet 228 456 5
*Containers can be filled with pallets of the same type or version or a mixture of different types and versions, please contact Borgarplast head office for details.