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Borgarplast - Safe container handling

Borgarplast Plastic Bulk Containers are easy to handle. They can be lifted by hand-pallet and forklift truck and rotated 180° or hoisted fully loaded. Some different types can be stacked together.

Lifting and turning:

Containers complying with the ISO 6780 standard (types 400, 450, 600 and 700) allow four-way access by hand-pallet truck and forklift truck.
Types 300 and 350 also offer four way access but other containers allow two-way access by hand-pallet truck and four-way by forklift truck.

All containers have secure handles, which allow them to be hoisted when fully loaded and facilitate movement of empty containers.

Stacking, with or without lids:

All containers of the same type stack together.
Sizes 400, 600 and 700 stack together.
Sizes 460, 660 stack together.


New containers can be stacked fully loaded into various levels. A number of containers can thus be stacked, but the risk of damaging the container at the bottom of the stack increases in direct proportion to the number of containers stacked. If too much strain is put on the bottom container the whole stack can collapse, which may cause injuries to people nearby. While there is no universal rule of how many containers can be stacked, one should always consider factors like the weight of the content, and the age and the condition of the containers in each individual case, and utmost care should always be taken when stacking containers. A moderate number of containers stacked, good care, and regular maintenance makes the containers last considerably longer.

PE insulated containers are stronger than PUR containers and can therefore be stacked higher. Maximum stacking height is different between the container types and the weight of their contents. Nevertheless one must always bear in mind that the risk of mishaps increases by stacking higher.

When Plastic Bulk Containers are stacked one container inside two (sandwich) and they loaded on truck or transport, they should only be moved by a forklift truck or a similar device. It is not recommended to flush containers from a truck, have them fall down from a transport vehicle or have them fall down from any height (1 meter or higher) like for instance a forklift truck. Then it is very probable that the handles of the plastic bulk container which is inside the sandwich, will damage the insides of the bottom plastic bulk container. The danger of damages increases dramatically when the temperature is below 0°C.


Goods which expand on freezing should not be frozen in the Plastic Bulk Containers due to the risk of inside structural damage. Frozen pieces should never be thrown into the Plastic Bulk Containers. Care should be taken when the Plastic Bulk Containers are moved by forklift trucks in freezer stores.

Chemical resistance:

Polyethylene withstands most weak acids and alkalis, along with various other common substances. More detailed specifications of their chemical tolerance can be obtained from the manufacturer.