450 PUR Insulated Fish, Meat & Poultry Container

The 450 PUR insulated fish, meat and poultry container from Borgarplast is a versatile container well suited for usage where space is limited. This container conforms to the ISO 6780 international transportation standard. The 450 PUR insulated container is popular in fish and meat processing plants. An insulated lid is available for the container.

The 450 PUR insulated container is accessible by hand pallet jacks and forklift trucks from all four sides. The container can be rotated 180° by forklift truck or lifting tipper. The container can be stacked with or without lids. See more about handling here.

The 450 PUR insulated container from Borgarplast is manufactured from polyethylene and insulated with polyurethane (PUR).

The container endures Iceland’s harsh conditions as it’s of high quality, durable and easy to maintain.


External Dimensions Internal Dimensions
Height (mm) 690 530
Width (mm) 810 730
Length (mm) 1170 1090
Weight (kg) 35
Volume (lítrar) 430

Highly-insulated Plastic Bulk Containers (PUR insulated)

High-insulation Plastic Bulk Containers are suitable where high insulation demands are made, for example when no cooling equipment is available or in conditions where the temperature is either very high or very low. The high insulation plastic bulk container will keep the content at a stable temperature or, when needed, at a temperature as low as approximately -18°C. A high-insulation plastic bulk container is an especially good option for storing fresh fish or other products on ice or liquid ice in order to maintain its initial quality and thus maximize its value. We recommend using ice made from freshwater because seawater ice can make the contents freeze. The appropriate amount of ice depends on conditions such as temperature and intended storage time. The general rule is that approximately 30 to 40% of the content should be ice. This, however, depends on external conditions. The high-insulation type is lighter than the heavy-duty type and is therefore preferable where containers need to be moved manually. The polyurethane (PUR) foam insulation between the PE walls of the container is the key to the insulating properties of the high-insulation type. The average density of insulation is 43 g/l (kg/m3). Thermal conductivity λ~0.023W/mK.

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