700 PE Insulated Fish, Meat & Poultry Container

The 700 PE insulated fish, meat and poultry container from Borgarplast is a versatile container that is used in fish and meat processing plants, aquaculture, transportation, and other industries. The base size of the container is 100 x 120 cm and thus it conforms to the ISO 6780 international transportation standard. An insulated lid is available for the container.

The 700 PE insulated container is accessible by hand pallet jacks and forklift trucks from all four sides. The container can be rotated 180° by forklift truck or lifting tipper. The container can be stacked with or without lids. The 700 container can be stacked with the 400 and 600 containers. See more about handling here.

The 700 PE insulated container from Borgarplast is manufactured from and insulated with polyethylene (PE) and is thus recyclable. PE insulated containers have less insulation value than polyurethane (PUR) insulated containers, but they are stronger.

The container endures Iceland’s harsh conditions as it’s of high quality, durable and easy to maintain.


External Dimensions Internal Dimensions
Height (mm) 860 700
Width (mm) 1000 9400
Length (mm) 1200 1140
Weight (kg) 55
Volume (lítrar) 700

Heavy-duty Plastic Bulk Containers (PE insulated)

Heavy-duty Plastic Bulk Containers are widely recognized as the strongest insulated Plastic Bulk Containers made from plastic on the market. They are suitable where there is a high demand for strength and carrying capacity, e.g. for heavy and/or long, steady loads. They are 25-30% heavier than the high-insulation type. Because of their special properties, heavy-duty containers are especially recommended for use in the processing, storage, and transportation of meat and poultry, as well as in salt fish processing, marinating of shrimp, and elsewhere in the fishing industry. They are made of one material throughout and are therefore recyclable. They are completely solid, which prevents them from collecting impurities. Their smooth and curved surface is easy to clean and drainage holes boost hygiene even further. The insulating properties of PE insulated pallet containers are considerably lower than those of the PUR insulated type, making them more suitable to use where cooling equipment is available. On the other hand, being made of PE throughout means that heavy-duty Plastic Bulk Containers are extremely steady.

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