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Environmental Standards

iso 14001

Borgarplast plays a leading role in the field of environmental care and management and supports a high profile for Iceland in environmental concerns. Borgarplast has won a number of awards regarding environmental care.

IST EN ISO 14001:2004

In 1999 Borgarplast introduced a certificated environmental management system to its Seltjarnarnes factory. At that time less than 6000 companies worldwide had received that recognition. Today (2010) only seven Icelandic companies can boast of this certification.

IST EN ISO 14001:2004 Environmental management systems 

Borgarplast’s rotational moulding division has met the demands of the ÍST EN ISO 14001 standard since 1999. The overall aim of this international standard is to support environmental care and prevent pollution in coherence with socioeconomic needs. This standard is intended to provide organizations with the elements of an effective environmental management system which can be integrated with other managerial requirements.

Borgarplast's Environmental Policy

Borgarplast is a leading Icelandic company in the field of environmental care and supports a high profile for Iceland in environmental concerns. To achieve this goal the company takes care that:

• Borgarplast's operations are in harmony with the environment and the community.
• Borgarplast's customers can be assured that we set a good example and fulfil the appropriate requirements towards the environment.

It is Borgarplast’s policy to fulfil the requirements of ÍST EN ISO 14001 environmental management system. The company works continuously towards improving environmental conditions and prevent pollution and commits itself to adhere to appropriate laws and regulations relating to environmental issues.

The Borgarplast factories in Borgarnes and Seltjarnanes have now been united in one, located at Voluteigur 31-31A, Mosfellsbaer.

View Borgarplast Environmental Policy Statement, PDF.

iso 14001