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Transportation Standard

The ISO 6780 international transportation standardISO 6780

The ISO 6780 standard is increasingly being recognized as an essential requirement for designing articles to be transported by land, sea and airfreight.


Types 400, 450, 600, and 700 Plastic Bulk Containers fulfil the requirements of the ISO 6780 standard. They are available both as heavy-duty and high-insulated, except size 450, which is only available as the high-insulated type.

Other types, which have four side access with a hand-pallet and forklift truck, are types 300 and 350.

Plastic pallets types: 10100, 10100KE, 10105 and 10105KI also fulfil this standard. Other types of pallets, which have four side access with hand pallet and forklift truck, are types 10100K and 10105K.

Design trend

The trend is toward designing freight truck beds, machinery, packaging and all kind of auxiliary equipment for transportation or movement of goods on the basics of ISO 6780 requirements.

Boost utilization of truck space

One example of the benefits is that utilization of truck’s space can be boosted by up to 15% by using type 400 instead of type 460, which is 3 cm wider and longer.

Easier handling by hand-pallet truck

Another example is that four-way access for hand-pallet truck makes handling easier.