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At Borgarplast we produce many different models of insulated fish containers and we also produce containers with two different kinds of insulation. One is Polyurethane (PUR) insulation and the other is Polyethylene (PE) insulation.

We have always claimed that the benefits of PUR insulation is that it provides better insulation qualities and is therefore better suited where temperatures are extreme or where keeping the products cold are a big issue.

We decided to put the claims to the test and filled two containers with ice, closed the lid and let them sit in our office to see which one would keep the ice longer. The results are clear and back up our claims that PUR provides better insulation qualities.

We made a video showing the process and the results. Unfortunately we are not allowed to show the video.

On the below buttons you can find articles about the comparisons between different types of insulation as well as other information on the containers.

Insulation types
Safe handling