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Borgarplast will have a stand at the Seafood Global Expo in Barcelona April 25.  27. of this year. Our booth number is 3BB301 and we will be next to Samey Robotics.

In Barcelona we will present our insulated fish tubs that are of the highest possible quality. We will present why our tubs are considered by many as the best tubs on the market. We will show you the features and explain the benefits each feature means for your operation. We will show you things like:

  • Strong handles – for safe lifting and safe stacking
  • Round corners – for easy cleaning
  • Resistant and shock proof material – for durability and longevity of the tubs
  • Convex bottom design – Prevents bottom of tub/bin from dropping from the weight of contents and moves weight to the corners rather than the middle of the tub. This makes it unnecessary to have the third skid in the middle. Also provides easier drainage

And many more features and benefits. We will have tubs on the stand that guests can feel and do some “kicking of tires” so to speak. We look forward to seeing you in Barcelona in April.