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New owners for Borgarplast

By August 30, 2023News

Borgarplast was founded in Iceland in 1971 and has since been the pioneer in the development of highly-insulated fish containers. The company has been in constant contact with the fisheries industry in Iceland and has developed the insulated containers, or fish bins/tubs, with the needs of the industry in mind. The current design has changed alot over the years and all changes have been made following conversations with the industry and their wishes. As an example, the original design had three skids with one being in the middle. This middle skid was creating problems for the industry so we came up with a new design that eliminated the need for the middle skid without compromising the strength of the bottom of the container.

In 1996 a tub rental company called Umbúðamiðlun was founded in Iceland. The purpose of the company was to provide companies in Iceland such as fish markets, fish processing plants and commercial fishing companies with tubs for rent. From the beginning Umbúðamiðlun have used fish tubs from Borgarplast in it’s operation and today have over 60.000 fish tubs available for companies to rent.

Borgarplast has now been aquired by Umbúðamiðlun and the two companies will now work even more closely together with added benefits for the customers of both companies.

We look forward to the future and hope to be able to provide even better service and products to our customers.