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New partner for plastic repairs in Europe

By October 19, 2023News

Since Borgarplast was founded in 1971 the focus has always been to make quality products built to last and the general culture of the company has always been to never cut corners and never jeopardize quality. We take pride in producing quality products that are built to last. We have made extensive tests and adhere to strict quality control and because of that we have built a reputation of strong, long-lasting products. Our biggest export products are our insulated pallet containers for the food industry, and we have satisfied customers all over the world.

Even though we do our very best to make the best products we also understand that once the containers leave our factory they are destined to be used and abused for years to come. The wear and tear of use in factories, ships, trucks, in all kinds of weather and conditions, the constant lifting with forklifts, the stacking, the filling and emptying of all kinds of food products and the constant cleaning with high pressure water and soap will take its toll on the containers. And with all this use by humans we know that accidents can happen, and containers might break.

From the beginning we have anticipated that accidents can happen and because of that we make the containers so they are generally easy to repair. We have been looking for partners that we can recommend for our customers to take their broken containers to be repaired and recently we were contacted by a company in Europe that specializes in plastic repairs. Among other things they do a lot of repairs on plastic pallet containers.

The company, called Totalplast B.V. is in the Netherlands but they provide services in most countries in Europe. They contacted us because they feel that the Borgarplast containers are easy to repair but they don’t see a lot of Borgarplast containers come in for repairs, so they wanted to bring their services to our attention. We were of course happy to hear from them since we had already been looking for contacts to provide to our customers for repairs. We wanted to get to know them better and see if they had any advice to give to our customers on the proper handling of the containers so we could prevent damages. Over the years they have repaired many different brands of containers and so they have experience with working with several brands. We sent a list of questions to their Sales Account manager, Mr. Pim Fleurkens which he happily answered for us.

First, we wanted to know what kind of damages the most common ones they see in their line of work and if they had any advice to give so they could be prevented. Their reply was that most of the damages are caused by improper handling:

“Mostly we see damage caused by forklift ‘accidents’. People work fast and therefore sometimes less careful and then hit the insulated containers with the forks of a forklift. Perforation of the wall with the forks are the most repaired damages, followed by damaged bottoms and corners.” 

Do you have any advice for users on how to handle their containers? Something you see a lot that can be prevented?

“Take care and take your time, but I understand that this is impossible at some times. Almost all the damages we see are caused by uncareful usage.”

We also wanted to know if and then how Borgarplast containers are different from other brands in terms of damage and repair and in general what their experience is with working with our products. Their reply makes us more confident that our aim to make containers that are strong and easy to repair is a success:

“With forklift damages, the big difference to most (not all) of the other containers is that we only have to repair the place of the impact. Some other brands will tear further than the impact point, which in some cases even results in an irreparable container. We don’t see many irreparable Borgarplast containers, even after several years in usage. Our team loves to repair the Borgarplast containers, because they are easy to repair (most of the time). And we don’t see many irreparable containers, getting most of the received damaged containers repaired back to the customer is satisfying!”

Judging by our conversation with Totalplast it’s clear they take passion in what they do and strive for customer satisfaction. It’s also clear that the best way to prevent damages is to take extra care when working with the containers and to choose container brands that are easy to repair in case of accidents. You can learn more about Totalplast, their certification and how to contact them here:

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For enquiries and orders please contact Kristjan Benediktsson, sales manager via email to or via telephone to +354 5612249.