Europallet external rim

The europallet, with a 22 mm external rim and smooth surface and drainage slits on the corners to prevent water from accumulating on the surface, conforms to the ISO 6780 transportation system standards. The capacity of the standard pallets (based on equal distribution of load) is 1.000 kg on a smooth plain. If the pallets are rested on their ends, for example between shelves, their capacity is reduced to 300 kg. Pallets with higher load capacity can be ordered and manufactured according to customer’s specifications. It is easy to repair pallets using superheated air (250°C) and Polyethylene welding rod.

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Lenght, external (mm) Width, external (mm) Lenght, inside rim(mm) Width, inside rim(mm) Height (mm) Weight (kg)
1230 830 1200 800 150 18


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