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Kristján Benediktsson

Successful Seafood Expo

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The Seafood Expo Global in Barcelona is over for 2023. Borgarplast attended with a stand at the expo like we have for many years, starting when the expo was held in Brussels.

This year we displayed a few models we produce and showed different kinds of markings on the insulated containers. On a monitor we showed videos we did showing the tests we made on the containers, the insulation test and the manipulation test.

The expo was fantastic with loads of different companies from many different countries and the atmosphere was great. We met some current customers and also alot of people interested in our containers. We’ve already booked our place for Barcelona in 2024 and we hope to see you again.

Fish containers manipulation test

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Following our Insulation test, where we put our claims that PUR insulation provides better insulation, to the test we decided to also test how well the containers would endure some manipulation.

We have always claimed that the PE insulated containers are stronger than the PUR insulated ones. It’s true that they can tolerate more load and so you can stack more containers on top of each other. But we also wanted to see if there was a difference between the two different insulations if we banged them up a bit. Once the insulation test was over we took the two tubs outside to our lot. They still had all the water and ice inside. We tried driving our forklift full speed into the containers, we tried dropping them with water and ice inside from a height and we also tried smashing them with the forks of the forklift.

The forklift was not able to puncture the walls during the crash test. Both containers passed the test with flying colors. We then dropped both containers from a height and both containers landed on the corner handle. The handle did not break and there was no crack in the walls of either container. We then tried smashing them with our forklift to see if the walls would bend or break. Neither container had any trouble passing this test and the wheels of the forklift were lifted off the ground instead of the walls bending or breaking.

The results can be seen in the video below. The model used for all the tests was model 660, our most popular container. To learn more about our range of containers please click this link.

For quotes and further information please contact Kristján Benediktsson sales manager by email or by phone to +3545612249


Fish containers insulation test

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At Borgarplast we produce high quality insulated fish containers with two different kinds of insulation. One is Polyurethan (PUR) and the other is Polyethylene (PE).

We have always claimed that the PE container is stronger and the PUR container has better insulation qualities. We put this to the test and filled both containers with ice and then monitored the temperature in the containers as well as monitoring how long it would take for the ice to melt.

We placed these two containers full of ice in our showroom in room temperature of average around 20°C. Every morning we wrote down the temperature in each container and took videos to show how the ice was melting. The test duration was 16 days in total and the results were quite clear. The temperature in the PE container was always higher except for when the ice had melted in the PE tub and the temperature monitor was submerged in water.

After 16 days there was still ice in the PUR tub but the ice had long since melted in the PE tub. This test proves our claims that the PYR provides better insulation and is therefore better suited for environments where temperatures are extreme and the need to keep fish or meat cold for longer, for example on long transport routes or where the containers full of product need to stand in the sun for a long time.

We have also claimed that the PE container is stronger so next up is to test the strengt of both containers. Follow us on Linkedin for updates on that test.

Below there is a picture taken in the morning of April 12th on day 16 of the test. It shows there is still ice in the PUR container even after 16 days of standing in 20°C temperature. The ice is long gone in the PE container.

Below the image you can see the process in a video. Check it out. Contact us for advice on which type of container would suit your operation the best.

Contact our sales manager Kristján Benediktsson vie email (click this link for email address) or via telephone +354 561 2249

Let’s meet in Barcelona

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Borgarplast will have a stand at the Global Seafood Expo in Barcelona at the Fira Gran Via expo center. The expo will run from April 25th – 27th and is open from 10:00 – 18:00 on Tuesday and Wednesday and then 10:00 – 17:00 on Thursday.

Our stand is located in Hall 3 number 3BB301 and we look forward to meeting you at our stand.

On our stand we will have three samples of different model insulated containers and we will also be there to advise on the best options for your operation and answer all questions in regards to our insulated containers. So drop by stand 3BB301 in hall 3 at the Global Seafood Expo April 25th – 27th and see samples of our containers.

Looking forward to meeting you there.

See you at the Seafood Global Expo in Barcelona

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The Seafood Global Expo will be held in Barcelona April 25. – 27. this year. It will be a very grand expo and we will of course be there. On our stand (3BB301) we will have three samples of tubs. We will have model 660, model 1010 and model 1400 to show interested expo attendees. We would love to meet you at our stand and if you would like to book a meeting with us please contact our sales manager, Kristján via email to kristjan@borgarplast.is or by phone to +3545612249

The expo will be open from 10:00-18:00 Tuesday and Wednesday and 10:00-16:00 on Thursday.

Contact us if you would like to attend and we will get you a ticket.

The story behind the convex bottom design

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In 1983 we launched the first version of fish tubs. These tubs did not have any insulation but in 1986 we launched version 2.0 and this time with insulation. The original design had three skids on the tubs, one each side and one in the middle. Our clients who were working in the Icelandic fishery industry did not want the middle skid on the tubs.

The reason was mostly twofold. On one hand the middle skid used to break frequently due to collisions from forklifts. On the other hand, dirt and debris fell off the middle skid and into the tub below when being stacked.

With the wishes of our clients in mind we started to work on the design with only 2 skids.

The middle skid had provided strength for the bottom of the tub so that problem had to be solved. How could we make sure the bottom did not break when full of fish or other food product. The solution is in the convex bottom design. The way the bottom is shaped slightly upwards in the middle distributes weight to the four corners and therefore protecting the middle of the tub where there is no skid.

But that’s not all. There is more material in the middle of the tub due to the design and we also added a riffled surface on the outer part of the bottom. This way we could put in even more material and provide protection from forklift damage.

The convex bottom design is not just for extra strength. The design makes it easier to empty and clean the tubs between loads as all liquid flows to the corners and to the drainage holes.

The convex bottom design is just one of many features that make up the reason why Borgarplast insulated fish containers are widely considered the best in the world. We will let our clients be the judge of that, but we can say for sure that great thought has been put into the design to make them easier to use and stronger.

Drop test on a model 660 container

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At Borgarplast we pride ourselves on the quality of our insulated fish containers. Our design is so good that cheaper replicas have been made elsewhere in the world but what they lack is the spesifics of our design such as a completely smooth surface and strong handles to name a few.

We decided to perform a drop test on one of our insulated fish containers, namely a model 660. Now this container we used was in fact rejected by our rigourus quality control but we decided to put it to the test anyway.

We used our forklift to raise it up to the top and then drop it down onto the asphalt. The forklift goes up to 6 meters but as can be seen on the video it’s not reached full height once the container drops.

We will let the video speak for itself. Enjoy.

Insulation test January 2023

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At Borgarplast we produce many different models of insulated fish containers and we also produce containers with two different kinds of insulation. One is Polyurethane (PUR) insulation and the other is Polyethylene (PE) insulation.

We have always claimed that the benefits of PUR insulation is that it provides better insulation qualities and is therefore better suited where temperatures are extreme or where keeping the products cold are a big issue.

We decided to put the claims to the test and filled two containers with ice, closed the lid and let them sit in our office to see which one would keep the ice longer. The results are clear and back up our claims that PUR provides better insulation qualities.

We made a video showing the process and the results. Unfortunately we are not allowed to show the video.

On the below buttons you can find articles about the comparisons between different types of insulation as well as other information on the containers.

Insulation types
Safe handling

Borgarplast Fish tubs in Barcelona

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Borgarplast will have a stand at the Seafood Global Expo in Barcelona April 25.  27. of this year. Our booth number is 3BB301 and we will be next to Samey Robotics.

In Barcelona we will present our insulated fish tubs that are of the highest possible quality. We will present why our tubs are considered by many as the best tubs on the market. We will show you the features and explain the benefits each feature means for your operation. We will show you things like:

  • Strong handles – for safe lifting and safe stacking
  • Round corners – for easy cleaning
  • Resistant and shock proof material – for durability and longevity of the tubs
  • Convex bottom design – Prevents bottom of tub/bin from dropping from the weight of contents and moves weight to the corners rather than the middle of the tub. This makes it unnecessary to have the third skid in the middle. Also provides easier drainage

And many more features and benefits. We will have tubs on the stand that guests can feel and do some “kicking of tires” so to speak. We look forward to seeing you in Barcelona in April.